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Jaime Sims, PLA, ASLA

Founder | Partner

The excellence and beauty of the natural world provide my motivation to create, protect, and nurture. I have learned that all mutualistic relationships require good communication and trust. The roots of my core values grew from the soil of my Missouri family farm, Circle V Angus Farms. These values enriched by hard work, keeping my word, and nature's gift of a good rain prepared me to be a forward-thinking leader.  


As founder of Circle V Landscape Architecture in 2016, I have built a reputation around thoughtful design, collaboration, and exceeding the expectations of clients. I am a perfectionist and have found this to be a great attribute in planning, leading, and developing trust in those I work with.  I enjoy turning challenges into opportunities and believe that every landscape has the potential to make a positive impact on nature and someone’s life.

When not working, you will find me wandering down a trail with my husband, two curious kids, and our pups. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty in the garden and experiencing the joy of growing vegetables with our kids. I am a member of ULI Austin’s Local Commercial Council, volunteer for Austin Angels, volunteer for Austin Parks Foundation’s It’s My Park Day, a member of Texas ASLA, and a member and speaker for National ASLA.


Master of Landscape Architecture - Kansas State University

Bachelor of Science in Plant Science - University of Missouri


Hannah D'Amico, PLA, ASLA

Partner | Senior Landscape Architect

I grew up in the Midwest and draw upon fond memories of meandering through city parks in my bare feet; hiking dense woodland and riverside trails. This sense of adventure fostered my aspiration to bring people closer to nature.


Through my experience in planning and landscape architecture, I can realize a vision from a bird’s eye perspective and implement that vision at a site detail scale. I pride myself in elevating the quality of design on every project and maintain a high standard at each step of the process. I believe in creating dynamic environments where we prioritize its native ecology through preservation and celebrate its cultural history by strategically linking them to the future vision. I enjoy facilitating and working with a diverse team of stakeholder groups and believe that together we make each project the best it can be.


In my spare time, I enjoy biking and exploring parks with my husband, and our two active trail dogs. I have a passion for traveling domestically and abroad, and for learning about the diverse beauty of the land in addition to experiencing the various cultures our world has to offer. I am a committee member of the Trail Foundation, an ACE mentor, an Urban Roots community crew member, and a volunteer for Austin Angels. I am also a member of Texas ASLA and National ASLA.


Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture - Purdue University


Tucker Rose, PLA, ASLA

Landscape Architect

In a search to define the concept of “Home,” recent years have taught me that connections to other people are a vital component of belonging. These relationships often intertwine with a physical location. This realization influenced my journey as a Landscape Architect and stemmed my desire to help people connect through their environment. 


When I think of home, I reflect on my childhood in the Midwest - digging in our family garden, wandering down the gravel road to my grandmother’s woods, and traversing the frozen ditch in the field behind our house with my brother. I also think of the present - watching my garden grow, painting landscapes, exploring central Texas parks, and hosting dinner parties with my husband.


I enjoy creating backdrops for people to come together and create memories - a place they can feel at home and experience belonging. To experience the built environment as intended, we must first understand the community in which we are creating. Successful places are created by listening to the voices of the community, emphasizing the local history, and preserving the regional ecology. 


Interlaced with my professional career, I volunteer as a Docent at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and enjoy being a member and speaker of ASLA, locally and nationally. I also serve in my neighborhood association here in Austin.


Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture - Purdue University


Kelly Campbell, ASLA

Project Manager

Bio coming soon.


Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture - Purdue University

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